Dial-up internet in new install of OpenSUSE 11 - how?

I downloaded the live CD of OpenSUSE 11 on a friend’s broadband connection and installed it onto my computer at home.

When I set up my dial-up modem I received a message that I would need to use KInternet to connect to the internet, but it seems that KInternet isn’t included in the installation CD, and that to install it I need to install it from a repository on the internet! But I can’t connect to the internet because I need KInternet …

How the is this supposed to work? Have the people who produce OpenSUSE forgotten that a lot of people around the world still use dial-up? How much disk space does a dial-up utility use on a CD?

Incidentally, I tried using the help system in OpenSUSE 11, and I found a page for ‘internet’, but all it contained was a message that said the page was waiting for translation. Also I tried one of the ‘Help’ buttons during the install, and it showed an empty dialog with the word ‘Help’ at the top. And I also noticed some spelling errors in the dialogs. Am I correct in thinking that OpenSUSE 11 was rushed out the door before it was finished? I never had this much difficulty with 10.3.

Make sure which method (Dial up by pppoe or modem) you using first.
pppoe need to install kinternet to dial up
modem only need to use kppp to dial up

You can refer to my below post if you are using pppoe now.
Bryan 手札 — 生活記趣 » How to connect to internet by PPPOE (KDE or Gnome) on Opensuse

In suse 9.3 and 10.3 if you only down load the CD you need a working internet connection ,so I imagine that the same goes for suse 11
That is the reason why always buy the BOX version from suse before I had a dsl connection
With the install DVD you do not need a internet connection


As far as I know PPPoE is not used unless you have a DSL service, it is only used in case you are using PPP over Ethernet and I guess you are using telephone line, right?, so what you need is a modem connection (standart PPP). Try to install Kppp in your SuSe it might be useful.

Are you using telephone line to dial-up by modem?
If the answer is yes.
You can refer to the following address to configure ppp.
I hope it will help for you.

Bryan’s technical world: PPP

Useing GNome live cd ( currently installed ) have the same problem.
I tried to install kinternet.rpm and kppp.rpm too. But they asked for lots of add ins.
Connect it it via adsl to net, about 60MB downloaded and had not seen kinternet or any other dialers yet.
Must wait for 11.1 ?

I thought the Live CD’s were just for evaluating the OS.

If you install from a regular OpenSuse DVD, kinternet and everything else you need will be there on the disc. But with a live CD, who knows, you may have to download hundreds of megabytes of other stuff first, and there’s really no guarantee that a dial up connection will ever work.

If you plan to stay with the OS, you should save yourself a lot of trouble and do a full install, because almost everything you try to do with a live CD will be problematic. And things are difficult enough in this OS without throwing a live CD into the equation.