Diablo III - wine -looking for suggestions on diagnostics

Hello all.

I would be here unless I reached a level of desperation which is making me want to …reinstall a windows partition…as much as that pains me


I have Suse 12.1 x86 - Running XFCE
Wine 1.5
Diablo III installed - without any problems

What happens?

When I start up DIII and press “play” the log on screen comes up. The music plays, no studdering. I have the graphics down on Low Density with all settings turned down on their lowest. I did this modification in the D3 perf file. I have it set in windows xp as default. It is also in windowed mode as well.

When I go to log in everything freezes. I cannot even kill the wineserver or the app. ctrl +alt+f2/f1 to no avail. Neither are the other kill short cuts. So I am left with doing a hard restart which i hate doing.

libhd version 19.1 (ia32) [6464]
kernel version is 3.4
AMD ATHOLON 64 X2 4400+
Most recent Drivers (proprietary)

Now when I try to run it with

setarch i386 -3 wine Diablo\ III.exe

it still freezes up at the log on screen after I try to log on. It doesn’t even prompt an attempt.

I have seen that wine and diablo III seem to have issues with the duel core cpu. I haven’t tried that on SUSE. I did try changing my affinity to ‘0’ from ‘1’ and so forth. It didn’t do anything.

I simply cannot figure out WHY it is freezing.

So here is my information and maybe someone can give me some suggestions because I have scoured WINE/Wiki/etc. I can’t find any fixes for this problem (and on a side note - steam works fine):’(