dhcp6c information-only option

I’m currently using IPv6 on my network and providing IPv6 client addresses via stateless IPv6 autoconfiguration and would like to assignee IPv6 domain-name-servers from dhcp6-server.

To get this to work the dhcp6-client must using the configuration parameter ‘information-only;’ to receive options and not an IPv6 address. I can get this to work by running the dhcp6c client daemon manually, but when handled by ifcfg I can’t find a way to have ifcfg use the -I (information-only) option on the cli or use the configuration statement in the ‘/var/lib/dhcpv6/dhcp6c.ethX.conf’.

I would prefer a way to pass the config statement into the conf file, but adding the -I cli parameter will work also. Any suggestions from anyone who understands the inner workings of ifcfg would be appreciated.

Have a look at the /etc/sysconfig/network/dhcp file.