"DHCP request failure" when upgrading from USB Network Image

It’s been a year or so since TW was upgraded on this box. Zypper dup fails without an error message - 2000-odd pkgs are retrieved but the process simply doesn’t result in the pkgs or kernel getting updated or whatever. So I figured I’d try to boot from the old TW install DVD but apparently the repo URLs have changed, so no dice. Next I created a bootable USB image and am stuck at the network configuration stage with “DHCP request failed”.

I’m know I’m way over my head, but I’ve never seen network problems when installing or upgrading TW, or ever, on this box.

https://en.opensuse.org/SDB:Linuxrc shows how you can configure network via installer command line, which is how I always install. Thus I never run into installer DHCP failures like you describe, and wouldn’t know how to help with them.

Thanks. That’s a little heavy into network terminology for me. It’s difficult to imagine a scenario where I might be able to fix what someone with actual networking foo has programmed into the installer. Maybe I’ll try booting from a full installation image next.