DHCP not picking up Name Servers via DHCP

I just installed 11.1 and i noticed in network services -> network settings -> Hostname/dns tab the name server information is not getting picked up from my router.

My 10.3 boxes find the information just fine. I am not sure why my new 11.1 box is not picking up the name server information.

I do pickup an id address.

Any ideas.

In my 11.1 box it also is not showing the dns servers but it works ok, i don’t know the tool to show actual dns servers but for me it picks up with no problems.

The reason i ask is, when connect to any web page via the browser it is very slow. On my 10.2 system that i was running this morning before i installed a fresh version of 11.1 on the same pc it was very fast connecting to pages via the browser.

Now, very slow. I was not sure if it was having a issue resolving.

It is very slow but still connects so the DNS is not the problem mate, try disabling IPv6. It helped some people.

Go to YaST–>> Network Devices–>>Network Settings

Untick IPv6 and reboot.


thanks! That did it. I disable the ivp6 and it is runinng like a champ.

Thank again!

I’m glad it worked:) Have phun;)