Hey, I’m trying to subnet my computers in my house. I have a 2wire 2701HG-B. It functions as a router, wireless AP, and DHCP server. Seemingly basic stuff for a home user who doesn’t know too much about networking. Like I said I’m trying to subnet my computers (so one’s I’m using don’t show up to other users so it’ll be on a 10.10.10.x instead of 192.168.1.x) and I have a partially working DHCP server. What I can’t figure out is who do I point to for the name server and router.

Before I get to far let me say what is on my computer. I have two cards. eth0 is configured to obtain an IP via DHCP. This is connected to wireless router. The eth1 has a static IP and is working as the DHCP server.

Back to pointing. I’ve tried pointing to the router, my own machine, and the DNS server that the router talks to.

Am I just way off or what? I’ve tried looking online for a solution but I can’t seem to find a similar situation to help out.


Is the DHCP service running? Did you set up the configuration file in


And for the client machines in the:

/etc/sysconfig/network/ifcfg-<interface name>


Everything was configured with Yast. If you want my DHCPD.conf, I’ll be more then happy to post it. I don’t know what you’re asking with the

 /etc/sysconfig/network/ifcfg-<interface name> 

The clients are getting IP’s via DHCP. Sorry, very noob-ish and trying my best to learn as I go.

I’ll give you an example. Here is my dhcpd.conf on the DHCP server:

option domain-name-servers,;
option routers; //important! the servers (static)IP adress
ddns-update-style none;
default-lease-time 3600;
subnet netmask {
  range; // the IP scope. I have just a few machines

Here is my configuration on the client side ( stored in the file: /etc/sysconfig/network/ifcfg-eth0 )

NAME='MCP51 Ethernet Controller'