DHCP doesn't update resovl.conf

I’ve been beatin’ my head against a wall for days! If I execute /sbin/dhcpcd -r <address> wlan0, my etc/resolv.conf gets edited. However, under normal boot conditions it does not and I have to manually edit the /etc/resovl.conf each time I turn on my laptop. Any idea how to get dhcp to automagically update my ect/resolv.conf?:’(

You might want to verify your NIC settings…

Yast > Network Devices > Network Settings > Hostname/DNS tab

Modify DNS configuration by default should be “Use Default Policy”

You might need to do an “ifdown/ifup” to update your NIC settings.

Thanks, but I am using network manager. do you know the proper variable in the ifcfg-wlan0 script that would work?

I don’t know that Network Manager is relevant to your problem, my recommendation to use “IFDOWN/IFUP” is only to be able to manually recycle the NIC.

Unless someone else knows better…

Hi & welcome!

Have you maybe set any custom settings in the host.conf or other network configuration files -like the mdns option- ? Could be that’s the cause for not getting an updates resolv.conf file?