development project clone or just another package?


What would be the appropriate way of making a development branch of my project? My current project is network:opennop should I request a clone be made called network:opennop-devel or something like that? Perhaps I should just made it another package within my project?

Just looking for a “best practice” approach to this. Basically I will pull the “developer” build from my latest version in my SVN trunk and the “main” will be set to a fixed version or tag until further testing/QA is done and the code is promoted to a new tagged release at that point I would update all my spec files and pull the code from SVN again.

I am using my project with susestudio to build an appliance the idea was to have a separate beta/devel build too but I think Ill just allow them to change to the “beta” repo if they want to test the new code rather than maintain two appliances.

The advice would be appreciated.