devede_ng doesnt start


devede_ng doesnt start on fresh install Tumbleweed. If I run from terminal i get amongst other this error.

File "/usr/bin/", line 49, in <module> mwindow = devedeng.project.devede_project()


Anyone else with the same error? Anyone with a working devede_ng installation.

Any tips help needed.

This is probably related to the move from python 3.6 to 3.7, with devede-ng not yet being rebuilt with python 3.7

FWIW, it’s from the Packman repo.

Ok… Bare in mind that Im a newbie…

Is this a devede-ng problem or Packman?

As i can see it devede-ng is just a bunch of python scripts so there is no “build” of the program just copy the files to the correct places…
But maybe Python 3.7 has broken something in the scripts?

OK, I installed devedeng from the Packman repo. And, apart from throwing some Gtk warnings, it simply starts. FWIW, it indeed is nothing more than a python script. No, idea why it fails on your system.

I have the Packman repo and have switched the system packages to that.
At first I had some missing GTK libs that i googled and found I think the cairo libs or something like that.
After installing those i got the new error…

Do you have Gnome or KDE? I have KDE maybe something more GTKish is missing…

KDE here. But, since we’re on Tumbleweed: How did you upgrade? Should be ‘sudo zypper dup’.
The one thing I can think of, is to run that command, then try again.
FWIW: I see the devedeng scripts in the python3.7 directories, so if you haven’t upgraded yet, that might be the issue.

I did a fresh install on Friday evening. When I checked zypper dup yesterday there was nothing to do.

Will try again today but I don’t think that’s the issue. Googling around I see other distros having problems with devedeng not exactly like mine but they are missing python packages etc etc.

Maybe you have been rolling a longer time and have some packages installed that I’m missing…

Where do you mean you have the devedeng scripts? Wich folder?

This is what I get in my terminal when trying to run now.

Version: 4.11.0
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/usr/bin/", line 49, in <module>
    mwindow = devedeng.project.devede_project()
  File "/usr/lib/python3.7/site-packages/devedeng/", line 81, in __init__
ValueError: Pointer arguments are restricted to integers, capsules, and None. See:

The only thing that sticks out is when I install devede-ng I get a warning about missing dependency cdrkit-cdrtools-compat
I google it and found wich installs ruby2.5

This I did yesterday but when trying to reinstall I still get the dependency warning but I ignore that and install anyway.

You’re right re. the dependency. I chose to break devedeng ( i.e. not install the cdrkit… ). I should have told. Still it launches.
De devedeng python stuff is in /usr/lib/python3.7/site-packages/devedeng

My stuff is in the same place.

I even tried the Devede-ng from the makers GIT… Same error just on another line as the code in has changed.

Wrote to the maker and he replied

I checked those lines and there is nothing wrong. I think you have to fill a bug report in Opensuse. This looks like a problem with pygobject and pygtk.