devede and avidemux issues

Hi to all,

I have a couple of issues with devede and avidemux.

when using multiple titles (say 6) in devede the player does not always go back to the menu after it finishes playing.

avidemux does not show preview screen.

If these are new bugs are they reported to SUSE or the original developers. Also, is there a good alternative to devede.


Best go to their specific support areas.

For avidemux go here: Avidemux2 Forum

The devede web page is here:
DeVeDe home page
I don’t know of a devede forum, but the developers can be contacted from that (above) URL.

Yes, IMHO there are many. Take a look at this how-to:
DVD Authoring Under Linux/SuSE - openSUSE Forums

Thanks mate.