/dev/vmci missing even after modprobe vmci

Okay, so I installed vmware 6.5.1 and it has segfaults so I followed the resolutions on this bugs report: https://bugzilla.novell.com/show_bug.cgi?id=459749 and all started working fine until I tried to turn on and it pops up saying “/dev/vmci not found, make sure kernel module vmci is loaded” which I know is loaded as it not only loads when /etc/init.d/vmware loads (which loads successfully by the way) and I also manually ran modprobe vmci and it executes just fine without any errors or anything but vmware still won’t let me turn on my virtual machines because /dev/vmci is missing. This is on opensuse 11.1 x86_64 by the way. Anyone have any suggestions or fixes? Thanks a lot.

Same here with VMware Player 2.5.2 build-156735

Stopping and restarting the vmware service produce the /dev/vmci device file one time, but subsequent restarts failed to do so.

I found a possible cause:

In /etc/init.d/vmware , a line attempts to retrieve the minor number for the vmci device from /proc/misc. Changing this to /proc/devices did the trick for me:

Start the virtual machine communication interface kernel service

vmwareStartVmci() {

only load vmci if it’s not already loaded

if “isLoaded "$vmci"” = ‘no’ ]; then
vmwareLoadModule “$vmci”
vmwareRemoveStaleNode vmci
if ! -e /dev/vmci ]; then
local minor=grep vmci /proc/devices | awk '{print $1}'
mknod --mode=666 /dev/vmci c 10 “$minor”
chmod 666 /dev/vmci

return 0