Detection of CD drives on new installation

I have two drives; a CD ROM and CD RW. I am getting very slow responses when using these drives and some unexplained problems. When I look at /dev to see how they are set up I find that both are soft linked to sr0.

In YaST Hardware Information the two drives are shown correctly ie:
cdrw /dev/sr0 (also /dev/scd0)
cdrom /dev/sr1 (also /dev/scd1)

Is the conflicting soft link an installation bug and could it be the cause of some problems?


If the drives are slow at reading/writing it maybe that DMA is not enabled, assuming the drives are IDE and not SATA.

Check in yast system and enable DMA or have a look through /var/log/messages for helpful information.

I believe the KDE requires CD drives to be named scd0, scd1 etc so dont think this is your problem.

Hi & thanks for the reply. I shall check the DMA setting when I get back to the machine. My concern remains however that there is a conflict between how YaST reports the hardware and the /dev settings. When using a multimedia app such as KAudiocreator it cannot discriminate between the two drives because they are both shown as cdrom. With SuSE 10.0 I had it setup so I could select either drive from the drop down menu and it could distinguish between the two.
I shall edit the soft link in /dev and see if that makes any difference.
Regards & thanks again.