Destination party cannot hear me on Skype

I am using Skype and the test audio & test audio call work fine. Once i actually set up an audio call with someone the other party cannot hear anything. I can hear him though. Once i go into my ‘Volume control’ - ‘Recording’ tab ; i see that microphone is muted. I tried un-muting it a couple of times and then restarting Skype and restarting my call ; but the mic is muted again. Every time i unmute it - it gets muted after i start the call and my friend cannot hear me. I am using a GNOME desktop. I also have pulse installed which comes default with OpenSuse 11.1.

What’s the way to be heard on Skype? :\

You can try un-checking the following checkbox that by default is checked:
options - sound devices - Allow Skype to automatically adjust my mixers levels

PS: have you tried with more than one person with the same result? If you try with one only it might be it is a problem on their end. I’d try anyway with the checkbox first

I don’t use Skype, so I can’t help on specifics. But I note there is a wiki on this, that you may find beneficial to check out, in case you have not already: Skype HOWTO - openSUSE

> I am using Skype and the test audio & test audio call work
> fine.

my experience is that the free call to Skype to test your setup is
foolproof…that is to say: it seems to me if you can both hear the
Skype test side and the message you make, played back to you, THEN
your Skype is working fine…

i suspect then that the person you are calling can’t hear you because
of some reason on his/her end (tell THEM to call the Skype test line
and see if they can hear the Skype side and their own voice back!!!
and if not point them to the step by step


@goldie : the other person is able to have audio/video skype calls with all other users except me!

there is a reason for the questions following:

are any of the other people who are getting through using the same ISP
as you?

is the person you are calling inside the same country? and, are all
those others who can call him also in the same country?

are you and the called party using the same phone carrier?

is your phone carrier and ISP the same (or same owner) company?

reason: i sometimes have problems making ‘free’ calls within my
country via Skype that would have resulted in income for my phone
company if i had used their lines…

but, one minute later i have NO problem at all calling from europe to
the USA…

which causes me to wonder if the phone company ‘detects’ my call to
someone kinda nearby (via monitoring their internet lines) and just
scramble it some…forcing me to use the telephone, and enriching
their bottom line…