Desperate for mythtv* 0.21-3.x86_64.rpm Packages

I made the mistake of updating my mythtv packages on my laptop from the packman repository. There was nothing wrong with those packages but it was a bit too bleeding for my myth backend which is running mythbuntu. Now I cannot watch mythtv from my laptop anymore because of “DBSchemaVer” mis-match.

The current packages in packman are 0.21-16 and I require the version 0.21-3 to be compatible with the backend. Even if I get hold of the src rpm file, it would be handy as I can them re-build the pacakgee and install it.

I tried contacting the folks at #packman IRC channel to see if I can get hold of the old packages but nobody seems to respond. Does anyone know of any archives for the packman repository?