Desktops and pager

Hi! :slight_smile:
First, sorry for my english.

This is not a big deal, but it’s just bothering me.

I like the little squares that represents the workspaces (pager thing) to be in two rows, but everytime I restart it’s back to one line and I have to set it up again. How should I do it, so it will remain the way I chose?](

Just one more thing…
I can change the wallpapers for each desktop when I click that little cashew icon and zoom out. But, when I change desktops on those little squares, the wallpaper doesn’t change (I’ve read here that’s not possible with my KDE version). So what did I change when I put that different wallpaper?

And I have four desktops, but I only see 2 wallpapers when I zoom out. I know it’s simple, but I just want to get it right.
I’m a little confused with the desktop/workspace thing.](

Sorry if it’s confusing and dumb. :expressionless:

Thank you!!