Desktop Wallpaper

I want to install Suse 11.1 i have 10.3 at the moment. My beef is kde desktop wallpaper in the new version. I have 4 desktop and i (read the post on desktop wallpaper on this forum) followed info and it dosen’t work, i keep getting my 4 desktop with the same wallpaper. I think i created a half dozen activity and the only way i can get a different wallpaper is i have to click on the so call cashew on the right corner to zoom out or in ??? and i still get my 4 desktop with the same wallpaper on it. Is this how your suppose to change desktop or what.:open_mouth: I am use to go to the bottom and click on the desktop i want with a nice (different) wallpaper.
I have a recent built computer Intel cpu, Nvidia 8800gts video card.

I believe that only works in KDE 4.3 & you will have to configure each activity as a desktop after you zoom out with the cashew.
You can install KDE 4.3 using this how to. Then it should work for you somewhat like it did in KDE 3.XX.

KDE4.3.* Upgrade - HowTo - openSUSE Forums