Desktop view

Hey, i just installed my new openSUSE 11.1 - it ROCKS!
i have a lil’ question, how can i make my desktop look like this one, i use KDE 4.1.
thx a lot!

Baby steps. Get to know your way around first or you could end up in a mess and find you need to re-install.

You could add this repository (repo) to update kde4
Index of /repositories/KDE:/42/openSUSE_11.1

Check this about managing repo’s
Repository Management - openSUSE Forums

That desktop is KDE3, you can install it through Yast (Administrator settings) then select Software - Software management.

For Filter select Patterns and select KDE3 Base System.

thx, i’ll do it!

The how-to on managing repos is very enlightening. But there is something more that would be useful to someone like me, who is old, whose brain is going soft, and who is easily confused. I would love to have a regularly updated page on repo status/descriptions that is more than we currently have in the repo index pages.

I would like to see a page that lists the urls of repos according to some break-down like:
Bleeding Edge - the repos for the latest developments, both for opensuse and kde
Cutting Edge - the repos that have new but mostly stable software that the adventuresome could use on a daily basis
Stable - the opensuse and kde that we know to be rock solid, like 11.1 and kde 4.1.3
Legacy - for the conservative among us that like the familiar, stable, versions they have been using for a long time, like 10.3 and kde 3.5.9

I search the forums for this info and usually find it, but sometimes the names of repos change or the stability is not clear to me. If the first two of these are regularly updated, I think it would be a useful page.

Any thoughts?