Desktop unusable

Hey , I’ve just installed opensuse 11.1 , clean and fresh install then I used “one-click-install” for nvidia drivers , its installed new kernel (trace) and then i booted from it well every now and then randomly all my screen going like a broken TV shows corrupted images and the system is unusable until restart but i keep hearing my music from Amarok , i managed to screenshot : and in , anyone familer with this problem ? (note: in Gnome its works fine its happens only in KDE)

-nvidia geforce 9600 GT

-application I use normally :

Hello liorc666,

in my case these graphic errors only appear directly before KDM and after login. When the KDE desktop is started, everything is fine. Therefore, this graphic errors is only an unaesthetic phenomenon during the boot procedure. I can ignore it ;).



Hey Michael,
I dont get it.
my problem appears randomly when i use KDE i tired the “hard way” installing driver and its still occur randomly about 15-20 mins of useage .
any soulation to this problem ?

I am using a plain-vanilla Radeon video subsystem and in KDE4 and WindowMaker the screen has been virtualized to 4x horizontal and 1.15x vertical, IOW from 1680x1050 to 3840x1250! Gnome is unaffected.
For my purposes, this makes KDE4 unusable…
Reconfigured SaX2, all my previous settings had been changed. Re-entered the correct settings again. This has made WindowMaker display correctly, but KDE4 is still unusable. Guess I’ll remove it and give it another six months…