Desktop Ugly White Backgroung

I have configured Gnome 3.18 to show the desktop and I get an ugly white backgroud.

Again, no 3.18 in Tumbleweeg? What do you mean show the desktop? Overview? How did you configure, Tweak Tool, Theme?

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I’ve reached a point where I have to reinstall, so I will update this thread after I have finished.

Thx for the reply,

I selected show desktop in Tweak; and I also added the applications extension. Everytime I drilled down from Applications > Activities Overview, I got a white background. Where there’s smoke there’s fire. I reinstalled back to Leap hoping to UPGRADE to Tumbleweed after there’s a stable snapshot. I’ve noticed there’s a 6/12/16 snapshot now. BTW, I didn’t install any themes. I think the default theme is Adwaita.


Not sure, I don’t see this with either Leap 42.1 (Nvidia) or Tumbleweed (Intel or AMD/radeon). Would be interesting if you see again to create a test user and see if it duplicates.

Very good idea. I have a premanent test user now.