Desktop switcher broken

Hey there,
I’m having a recreatable problem. Which is good, and bad, cause I can avoid, and every thing works fine, just looks weird to me. Here it is. Desktop switcher starts with 4 desktops in a 2 column view…but treats/looks like I have eight. See ds-1.
now when I try to Rclick to preferences, it says I have 2 rows, and 1 desktop. Now if I change this to 1 row, it reflects 1 row with four desktop icons, but still says I only have one desktop. Now I can still switch between everything, and it still works at this point. If change the number of desktops it will reflect that in the applet. This is were it starts to go south. So I have a 2x2 block for the switcher (if I leave the desktop at 1 it still works fine) and if I switch to any other desktop , everything goes away except for the background, including the mouse click menus. I have to logout, come back and everything’s fine.
Things I have tried:
making a new user, and trying, same results.
desktop wall-doesn’t work
desktop cube-no rotation–doesn’t work
reinstalling compiz–didn’t work
installing-compiz extras & compiz manager(advanced) --didn’t work

I don’t really know where to go from here, but maybe it’s a bug? or maybe something somewhere got wonky? I have no idea, thanks for any help.

openSUSE 11.4
Gnome 2.32.1

ok, it won’t let me attach the pictures, but if you need a visual I can email them to you.

bump, stable on one row, not with two, still.

What graphics card do you have? Are you sure desktop effects are enabled?

If compiz is enable, then only use the compiz config settings manager (ccsm) to change your desktop settings…

On 03/22/2011 09:06 PM, Murdoc of PUTS wrote:
> bump, stable on one row, not with two, still.

next time, please put Gnome in the subject…

i know next to nothing about Gnome, so i can’t help…sorry.

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I have an ATI 5986 graphics-effects is enabled. In CCM I can change everything except the vsize of the desktops (hsize, desktops). I can change the value, but nothing happens, so I think that’s were the problem is.

OK, just tested on SLED 11 SP1 and openSUSE 11.4 and see the same when modifying the desktop settings under the ‘General’ option.

Talking with one of the compiz devs on IRC seems to be the panel Workspace Switcher issue rather than compiz… might need to raise a bug on this, but hold fire until I find out some more info.

something more I noticed, usually the settings would return to a the default crazyness (1 desktop), and it would work after logging back in. In compiz, it kept the settings, and I had to go back and change it to 1 desktop, 4-hsize 1 vsize. It seems to me that it’s having trouble with the more than one desktop. Might just be me.