Desktop size too large

I have a problem with my Acer AL1916W monitor with openSuse 11.
The monitor is detected correctly, as is the video card (Albatron 6800GE) and the correct resolution is set (1440x900) but the desktop is too high. The width seems Ok but to see the top of the desktop I have to move the mouse all the way to the top then to see the bottom I have to move the mouse all the way to the bottom.
I have installed the nvidia driver but that did not help.
This also happens with the LiveCD.
Until I know I can fix this I have gone back to Mepis as my distro (but I really would like to use Suse 11).

you should be able to change it in YaST, try this trail

YaST -> Hardware (on left) -> Graphics Card & Monitor (on the right)
-> then check/adjust info on card/monitor/resloution/colors then -> OK

BEFORE you click again read what is in that new window AND this (because
a NEW screen is gonna pop up when you click the next button and you
can’t read it then:

your screen is gonna go black for some seconds and then when the new
screen comes up, there will be a little window in the middle with TWO
tabs…one named “Change Position” and one named “Change Size” you need
to go to the “Change Size” tab and click on the bottom set of little
up/down sizing arrows (the bottom arrows point toward each other and
will make the display smaller) until your monitor is exactly filled top
to bottom…NOTICE that when you get the display exactly the right size
there will be a little square box in EACH of the display’s four
corners…note, it MAY also be necessary to make adjustments in the size
tab AND the position tab to get the four corner boxes perfectly in the

when done press “save”…

→ Test → Save → and marvel at your new display…and, let us know
how your adventure turned out…

DenverD (Linux Counter 282315)
A Texan in Denmark

Thanks for the suggestion but it seems that each click/step is too large to be able to get the screen to fit the monitor.
What is weird is that all of the auto detected settings, including size, are correct.
Never mind, back to Mepis until 11.1 is launched I suppose.

There seems to be a problem with xorg setting a to big
virtual screen size with certain drivers. This can be corrected
with yast. Go to yast>system>/etc/sysconfig editor>
desktop>display manager>displaymanager_randr_mode_auto

Set the value to 1440x900_60 or 1440x900_75 if your display
supports 75 hz for that resolution. This will not set the
correct size for the login screen, but that’s not a real
problem? You can also run a test from the command line to
see if xrandr can set the correct resolution:

xrandr -s 1440x900

And you don’t need to be root to run that!

I seem to be having the exact same problem here, also with an acer screen @ 1440x900 and an nvidia graphics card with the drivers installed.

xrandr -s 1440x900 manages to correct the screen to looking proper, however changing the article in yast did not make it permanent - a reboot brought me to the same problem. Any idea how I can go about making this a permanent change? :slight_smile:

Just a shot in the dark:

In nvidia proprietary driver configuration utility (KMenu > Configuration > NVidia X Server Settings, if you are using KDE) there is an advanced option in the X Server Display Configuration tab to set a larger desktop size, so you can pan it at your native resolution. Check if it’s not set by mistake.

Note: you have to start the utility as root to make any changes permanent, or it will not be able to overwrite xorg.conf.


I double-checked that, but that’s not the problem. :slight_smile:

> I double-checked that, but that’s not the problem. :slight_smile:

Go there again, and CHANGE something, anything, then change it back to what you

I did that and it fixed my problem (exactly like yours wanting 1400x900 with
nvidia but getting something like 1400x1200 or???).

However, it will not stay fixed. The next time you boot it will be too big
again. To fix it, launch nvidia-settings as root…change something, change it
back and then click on ‘apply’ and ‘Save to X Configuration File’ and ‘Quit’.

Thanks for the suggestion Tod, but my current macgyver fix seems to be working, only reverts after reboot. Right now i’m looking a more permanent solution… :slight_smile:

> Thanks for the suggestion Tod, but my current macgyver fix seems to be
> working, only reverts after reboot. Right now i’m looking a more
> permanent solution… :slight_smile:

Do not overlook: launch nvidia-settings AS ROOT and save. Doing so, will keep
what you want boot after boot.

(In other words: READ Tod’s last paragraph, again.)

My bad. You were quite right - doing that as -root- did fix the problem, the screen is now correct upon boot. Thanks for pointing that out, Tod’s wording got me a little confused.

And thank you Tod for the suggestion in the first place!

I appreciate the help guys. :slight_smile: