Desktop setup strategy - What works best?

Having just executed a 11.2 to 11.3 upgrade (KDE), in which I preserved /home from 11.2 to preserve my data and settings, I now wonder if there is a “Best Practice” on how to setup the environment, anticipating future upgrades.

Specific Question - Desktop Folder

Currently, for applications I frequently use and wish to launch from the desktop, I open /usr/share/applications (using Dolphin) and drag the application to my Desktop Folder, choosing the “Copy To:” option.
After the recent update, my Desktop Folder files remain those from 11.2 or earlier.

It seems now a better practice would be to populate the Desktop Folder with links back to /usr/share/applications, so that changes would be implemented the the link to a newer file. That would be easily implemented by choosing the “Link To:” option when dragging.

Is the an “even better” practice?

From the menu/application launcher (widgets should be unlocked) you can add to desktop by going to the respective app and right click > add