Desktop sessions - restore previous session

The restore previous session setting does not seem to be working. This was one of my favorite features of KDE since it saves me from having to re-open all my programs. However, it doesn’t seem to work in Plasma 5. Every time I log in, I get a blank desktop. The restore previous session radio button is checked in the desktop session settings.

It does work.

But Qt5/KF5 based applications are (often) not registered as still running on logout, because they quit too soon (due to incorrect behaviour of Qt5).

See also:

A workaround until this is fixed would be to set “Start with manually saved session”, and then save the session manually before logging out (in the Application Menu’s “Session/Powermanagement” submenu), that should work reliably.

I don’t see any menu option to manually save a session.

Did you set “Start with a manually saved session” in Configure Desktop->Startup and Shutdown->Session Management?
You have to logout/login afterwards though for the menu option to appear.

Ok, I hadn’t logged out and back in again. That was the problem. Is there a community repo with the latest versions of KDE so I can update the desktop when some of these bugs get fixed?

Yes, there is, but as this is a bug in Qt5, updating KDE won’t help.
Anyway, see here:

The latest Qt5 is available too, but it’s not really possible to upgrade it because of the package dependencies.

I am not sure about the plans for further KDE updates for Leap 42.1, strictly speaking Plasma 5.5 and up are not bugfix releases but contain new features as well, so is normally no option (although there can be exceptions…).

In any case, we can/will release bug fixes if feasible (i.e. if backporting them is possible) as standard updates when they are available.

If I use the manually saved session option, all my applications get restored, but then I have no audio. Seems really strange. I switched back to “restore previous session” and my sound works again. I guess I have to choose which one I want, haha.

Nevermind about the audio, I guess I just needed to manually start Kmix, which was not started under the saved session for some reason.

Hm, I doubt that the audio problem is directly related to “Start with a manually saved session”.

Maybe some application that gets now started automatically blocks the sound? Could happen if it is started before pulseaudio, I suppose.

To be sure it gets started, enable “Autostart” in its settings (in “Start”). We disable it by default to not have two volume controls in the system tray…