Desktop resolution, new to opensuse

Really want to keep this distro as I do like it so much more than the others I have used. Well my laptop is a Dell XPS M1330, and I am connected to a Matrox triplehead-to-go which connects to 3 Dell 22’ widescreen monitors.

The nvidia drivers are installed, running, the only problem seems to be, not so much resolution, but inside certain apps, everything defaults to HUGE. I am including a screenshot of the default forum page, but every page in firefox is HUGE, where I have to ctrl - (zoom out) 4,5 times to make it readable. And once I click a link, I have to do it all over again, so I am not sure if it’s actually resolution, or some other settings, but if anyone has ideas / suggestions, please throw them out there.

Fedora (which is what I had) didn’t have this problem, nor did knoppix, so I am sure its some type of setting somewhere.

See screenshot for a sample. As I said, this is a Dell XPS M1330, NVidia gforce video card, OpenSuse 11 64bit. The interesting thing I just thought of, these monitors should be 1600x1050, yet the res coming in from the matrox is 3850, the laptop screen default is 1280, 1280x3=3850 so I need to tell X to use 4800x1050 as the res. Fedora had the same thing (the 3850) but the screen was no where near this huge.


Can you modify /etc/X11/xorg.conf to fix this problem?

How about going to.
configure desktop/personal settings/appearance and themes/fonts.
Are your fonts DPI enabled? If they are disable it.

Distinguish between screen resolution which is about the number of pixels on the screen and way applications represent themselves using the available pixels.

KDE (Control centre/system settings) allows you to change the size of the icons by using fewer or more pixels to represent each icon; OpenOffice allows you to alter the size of the display etc. Many applications have some way of altering the size of their screen display regardless of the resolution of the screen though, as far as I can see, there isn’t as yet a standard way of doing in.