Desktop problem

I did not know where to put this topic, but I have a big problem,
I set the desktop so I have no right click and it is not the folder view I do not know how to give back to the default.
Please help me!

A little more info on how you did what you did would be helpful. What did you do to remove the right click? Why can’t you reverse your steps?

suse 11.3 : Right click the desktop and on the left you can select your desktop, plain dektop, folder view …
but I clicked on one of these items and now have no right click to back

You can get the Desktop config with your keyboard. Do, Alt-D then Alt-S. Select the mouse tab and set your right click there, set it to Standard Menu. Hope this helps.

NNTP users: I’ll be moving this thread to Install-Boot-Login in 10 minutes.

Click the “cashew” in the top right corner, click Activities. Click “New Activity” and you’ll find out. Please tell us if you see a lot of colored squares…