desktop problem

Hi there,

Im having difficulties with my desktop! It was good before, but was trying out some configurations for the desktop!

Suddenly it shows some colours every second and in corner some kind of graphics (showing proberbly RAM)! But there isnt possible to go back to the configurations menu! Even after installing openSUSE (11) still having trouble with desktop!!

Does someone knows how to handle this?

Would be nice if you told us what desktop environment you’re using and also what you did - configurations for the desktop could mean anything.
A screenshot would be even better.

Thats the trouble, cant find what i had configured! screenshot is even worse, because i dont have any acces! because also my mouse doesnt work either (only moving), and also no applications vissible.

Tried to reinstall openSUSE 11 several time, but still its coming back!

Two thoughts while driving by:
What is your video card?
Recommend you check your RAM for a ram failure too.

Have to say more about reinstall openSUSE! During install from live cd, the default desktop was vissible, before clicking install openSUSE (still following?!?)!

During the default desktop ive managed to find the desktop configurations. Tried to put it on default settings and saved it! but still after install openSUSE, the terrible desktop settings came back!

Even sometimes during reinstall it shows login and password i had to fill in, but failed all time!

Checked also my RAM and seems to be recognized, also the videocard!

Your RAM is probably OK. But it’s good in these circumstances to check it for errors with e.g. Memtest86

And, what’s your video card?

Try hitting the printscreen button. In KDE this should be mapped to Ksnapshot which will take a screenshot for us to see.

What type of video card do you have? It may be loading the wrong video driver in openSUSE.

When you reinstall, are you wiping the old partitions? If there is a bad setting somewhere in your home folder, and you don’t wipe it, then a reinstall won’t help you.

Try to open YaST, create a new user. Log out. Log in as the new user and you should have a new default desktop. Do you have issues with a new user?

When you reinstall, are you also formatting your /home partition? If not that would explain why the (bad) settings keep coming back.