Desktop panel - messed up, how to restore?


On the KDE desktop (openSuse 11.2), I clicked incorrectly an “Eliminate element” option, and the task bar is not present any more; I then selected “Add graphic elements”, and the most similar widget to task bar I found is “Activity bar” (translated from Spanish). I selected it and I see a big button on the pannel labeled “Desk”… If I launch several applications, I cannot see them on the panel any more… the task bar is not there…

How can I restore it?
how can elements be moved of position horizontally within the panel?

The widget that displays your open programs and windows on your panel is called “Task Manager” in English; I have no idea what it is called in Spanish though.

(If cannot find it at all and you really want it back, there is still the option of removing any panels that you have and then to create a new one. If I am not entirely mistaken you are then asked if you want the default panel, i.e. the thing that comes out of the box.)

Ok, found it… as I’m from Mexico and the KDE Spanish translation is from Spain (words changes somehow), was a bit tricky to find the Spain words for the widget: “Gestor de Tareas”…

Thank you