desktop oversized on monitor--mouse movement scrolls desktop

Suddenly this started happening—wasn’t before. I’m running 12.3 on an HP laptop where the screen is unusable so I have a montor connected to the VGA port—It was working fine but suddenly the desktop size goes beyond the dimensions of teh monitor space and when I move the mouse the entire desktop scrolls with the direction of the mouse until the end of teh desktop is reached. How do I resize the desktop space so it is “fit to screen” of the physical monitor dimension and this annoying mouse-scrolling stops???

Mandatory information required for questions such as this:

  1. Video Card type and model
  2. Video driver being used

I can make an educated guess about your problem, but I will wait for the correct information.

I’m using an Hp Pavilion DV7 1150US laptop…not sure how to tell the video card or driver in opensuse. I went into YAST and did a hardware Information and under Display it is not clear…but looking up my laptop model I found:

Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 4500MHD

I do not know what driver is being used… i915?? Kernel Driver: drm???

help please??

One thing I just did: I created a new user and everything works fine so there is something set up in the user settings that is causing the problem. What do you think is set wrong in that user’s settings? Its almost like the desktop is “zoomed in” and moving the mouse causes you to navigate to the edges…please help it is very annoying!!

FIXED IT: The desktop was zoomed in by accident----I had no idea that opensuse does that until I google searched for open suse zoomed desktop…to UNZOOM you press the Fn key with - (or + if you want to zoom in)…so nothing to do with graphics cards or drivers, just a noob linux user :slight_smile: