Desktop is very slow. Setting compostor improves it.

I installed Leap 42.2 and have a number of issues. This one pertains to desktop performance:
-it seems that dragging, resizing and switching windows is slow
-alt tab actually takes over a second to switch.
-may be affected by that I have 2 4k monitors, large ones.

I found that by setting the compostor to Open Gl 3.1 it improved dramatically.
Menu->settings->configure desktop->Display and Monitor -> Compostor

I don’t know if animation speed matters. I’m not really interested in desktop motion as in games, I’m a developer and need gui’s and browsers to render fast.
I didn’t set the compostor during installation so I don’t know how it got set to Opengl 2.0.

The default. But then it all depends on your hardware and drivers also, which you did not mention

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