desktop icons

Is there a way to change the look of the icons that i might place on my desktop. I like the default icons that are on the desktop. But if i choose to place an icon on desktop, those however have a different look. Those i don’t like, They have that widget look. Is there any way to get away from the widget look.

Assume you are using KDE. Right click on panel and switch to “desktop icons” of whichever “activity” that suits your tastes.

Right click on WHAT panel, and WHAT activity. Maybe I have done something to my desktop, but I am a bit confused

Look at this](

Thank you.

Maybe people here are a bit confused because you still did not tell what desktop.

All the information I understand to give is underneath my Name.

Sorry, you are correct.

It is my fault, I always read from top to bottom and also first want to know what openSUSE version, and then downwards (KDE, …). I often forget to scroll down first to see it that information is at the very end.