Desktop Icons

All my b/f icons from 13.1 are alligned centrally in columns. Any icon I add to the desktop is aligned left or right of my 13.1 b/f icons. This is very messy. How do I get them to align nicely to a grid in 13.2?

Sorry if this was the wrong place to post this thread, but I just couldn’t find anywhere better to post it.

The place you posted is allright. But you forgot to tell which desktop you use.

Oops! Sory, I’m using KDE.

First how is the desktop layout configured?? ie what is the layout in right click desktop unlock widgets folder settings?

It depends on where we start from

Icons are aligned in columns, left justified, and aligned to grid. All the icons carried forward from 13.1 appear to be center justified. The new icons Chromium and digiKam, appear to be aligned to the left of the old icons and the new icon Audacity appears to be aligned to the right of the old icons.

OK. With my latest install of the 13.2 KDE Live DVD, this problem only occurs if I move an icon into another column. For instance, If I move the Audacity icon to another column, the icon settles firmly to the left of the column. Even encrouching on the icon in the column to it’s left. If I move it back to it’d original position on the Desktop, it looks perfectly aligned in that column. I’ve never seen this kind of behaviour before.

Using this as a ref:

I have these settings. But first I Unlock by unchecking Lock in place and Apply.
Then I move the icons around as I require
Then re-check the Lock in Place and Apply

It is important to know the flavor of the desktop. Which one in folder settings are you using. There is a passel of ways the desktop can be organized in KDE. Need to know which one to make any meaningful suggestion.

I’m using the Folder Layout