Desktop Icon Arrangement on KDE Plasma

Hi everyone, I have just started using openSUSE. I have already set up a working workstation system.
I find an anomaly that I cannot resolve.
The icons on the desktop move and don’t stay where I put them.
Also I can’t find a way to position the icons NOT aligned to the grid.
Specifically, for example, when I click on the ASA firewall manager, the software opens and the icon moves to the top left.

Any idea what I may have mistakenly configured?

Thanks a lot to everyone

You can move them around the grid and then lock them. Pretty sure they have to be aligned left/right and rows/columns

Hi flytel!

You may have configured the sort by date.
Click on an empty spot on the desktop with the right mouse button, choose “Icons” and then “Sort By”: you should select “Unsorted” to have the behavior you desire.
You can also lock them (right click on desktop => Icons => select “Locked”), but I find that it does not always works the way it should.

Hope this helps

no, i have “unsorted”, but the position of the icons is not free, but aligned to the grid.
If i want to put an icon free, the icon set the position next to my unclick, aligned to the grid.

Also the icons are surely blocked, but when I start some applications, the icon still moves to the top left.
Any idea?