Desktop icon appearance in openSUSE 12.3

Hi All,
is it possible to remove the small white frame that desktop icons have after upgrading to opensuse 12.3?. This white frame only appear in fallback mode and only for the desktop icons added by the user (i.e. the network server, home, trash and mounted volume icons look normal.)
This is not a big deal, but it is quite annoying to have icons on the desktop that look different.


As you are talking about desktop icons, it might be of influence which desktop you are using.

It is very likely that KDE does different from Gnome does diofferent from LXFCE, Does …

maybe have a better answer if you mention which desktop…
and, a posted image…


I do see this issue on GNOME 3.6. All custom desktop shortcuts have a white border:|

Sorry for the incomplete description, I’m using gnome 3.6

No matter whether it’s GNOME (fall-back) or KDE(failsafe), this looks like a theming issue. In both a lot of things won’t work. Why, btw, would you run failsafe/fall-back if the desktop works OK. If the latter isn’t the case, fix that.

> I do see this issue on GNOME 3.6. All custom desktop shortcuts have a
> white border:|

only in “fallback”?

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It happens in GNOME Shell with “Nautilus” as desktop manager which can be configured through “gnome-tweak-tool”.

Spoke with my GNOME contacts on IRC, would seem to be a theme issue, need to poke around in the theme files…

GTK theme,current theme,shell theme,window theme?There are too many themes on GNOME 3.X rotfl!

Problem solved! It seems to be a nautilus 3.6.3 bug. I downloaded and installed; custom icons now don’t have the white border.

Isn’t openSUSE 12.3 shipping 3.6.2. Nautilus version would also be 3.6.2. I will go and check