Desktop gone weird. Able to create files w/o widgets?

Could someone confirm the ability to create desktop shortcut or files without the need of a widget?

I was browsing through Kickoff (the “start menu” on KDE) and it crashed. The whole KDE re-started and suddenly I’m able to create shortcuts on the Desktop, as well as copy/paste files, create Text files etc without the need of a widget. You can see that the menu is different too, before this incident I had to click “Default desktop settings”, and now “Folder view settings”.

I’m asking this because it happened after the KDE crash and I didn’t change any settings.

Explanatory video (watch in 720p) = Untitled Screencast - YouTube

openSUSE 12.3
KDE 4.10.5 Release 1
Kernel 3.7.10-1.16

Folder View and Default Desktop are different activities, they will behave differently. I’m not sure of the detail.

That’s why this is weird. When I open “Folde View Settings” it opens “Desktop Settings”.
Could you look at my video? Look in the menu (when I press the left button) and see if there’s anything I can do?

I didn’t change anything, no settings were altered. It changed after the crash I mentioned.


In folder view thing work like a classical desktop ie it is just a view into a folder so yes you can create stuff in the folder.

I can’t see much in that video, I’m on a little netbook ATM
Do you mean this?
SUSE Paste

Hmm, thanks for clarifying that, I thought it was due to the crash.
Good to see I can switch from these views, I find this one much better :slight_smile:

KDE is good for what ever floats you boat LOL