Desktop goes blank after boot, then re-appears when shutdown. How do I fix?

Desktop goes blank after boot, then re-appears when shutdown. How do I fix?
Hi, I turn on computer, it starts fine with the usual green boot screen, the little bar progresses then the screen goes blank. Then when I go to turn off (push power button), the desktop re-appears. What can i do to fix? I need my desktop back (I haven’t made any changes to my system since last boot, and I have turned off, pulled cables out, put them in etc…it must be a software issue)
Thanks if you can suggest something!
I’m using OpenSuse 11.1 Gnome 32 bit

adstaryoung wrote:
> I haven’t made any changes to my system since last boot

since computers, like a mom’s prized vase, don’t normally break
themselves you have only a couple of choices:

hardware malfunction, or something changed in software…

those changes can come in several ways:

-YaST Online Update (YOU) installed some new, updated software
-a hardware (disk maybe) failure wrote bad info
-there was a freeze (or something) that caused bad writes
-there was a forced shutdown not allowing completed writes

YOU always asks permission prior to updating–did it during the last
session prior to trouble? if so, maybe it installed a new kernel…do
you remember if it said to reboot to complete the update?

if so, and you are using a proprietary graphics driver from nVidia or
ATI, you probably need to reinstall it to match the new
kernel…thousands of examples of how to do that already exist in
these form…almost every thread with the word “blank” or “black”
in the subject will get you there…

try a google using the site specifier like this: blank OR black screen OR graphics OR desktop "after
update" [ati] [nvidia]

and use ati or nvidia, depending on which you have…

read several from the last few months, along with oldcpu’s great
review in openSUSE Graphic Card Practical Theory Guide for Users i then ask questions if you need…

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It is not the desktop you see (because you only see that after login), but in both cases the so called Boot splash. The boot splash is shown again when the system shuts dow.

After the boot, can you go to the console by using Ctrl-Alt-F1 and do you see any messages about problems there? Can also login into the CLI there?

Thanks, I have avoided any updates than security and I haven’t had any problems since. If it happans again I’ll try your idea in consol