Desktop freezes when using dolphin on a external HDD?

I’m currently on openSUSE 11.2 and whenever I open my external HDD with Dolphin, it freezes/crashes my desktop .I can’t touch anything on my desktop but in the dolphin window everything is fine…

Thank you for your time.

Is this a USB HD
What format is it? ext4? ntfs? fat32?

It is a USB HD , and it’s formatted in FAT but in suse it says vfat.

I had delayed mounting in 11.2 with vFAT. I generally had to wait about 20-30 seconds. Then all was OK and the drive was mounted.
I soon tired of this, so formatted to ext4 and all was well.

Thanks it worked! By the way do you have a guide on how to install GNOME desktop side by side with KDE?

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Check gnome like this](
allow delete of kde-pure