Desktop Folder

I installled beta 5 on another machine and liked the desktop folder feature that is default in 11.1

However upgrading my main Suse machine from 11.0 to 11.1 RC1 i dont have it.

How do I enable/get it back?

PS Everything went smoothly on the upgrade very happy :slight_smile:




right click the desktop, Add Widget, Folder View.


Doh thanks for that didnt realise it was a widget.

Dont suppose you know how to move the application launcher.

On my upgrade its now stuck on the right with no option to move icon or anything, quite annoying as all menus go right now left then sub menus right !



Scrap that request, while messing about i found that if you click the widget thingy in the right hand corner of the taskbar another bar opens up and you can move the application launcher.

Dont know why i even tried it :slight_smile:


Also, if you open Startup & go to an application, you can right click it and add an Icon to the panel or desktop.

Then you can move them around in the panel by right clicking it > panel settings & move them with the mouse. You can also size the panel while there (small slider tabs between the panels).
(and so on). It’s really pretty neat;)

Cool tip, i only found the widgety thing did the same by chance so now I know 2 ways !



Hi, i want to add an application to the desktop folder, how can i do that ?

Drag it from the menu into the desktop, release it, choose Copy, done.