desktop folder/directory opens with Konq, not Dolphin

Directories on my desktop open with Konqueror. In order to open them with Dolphin by default:

Open Konqueror, Settings, Cofigure Konq. Go to “File associations” search for “directory”. Go down to “inode” and move Dolphin to the top of the list.

or simply use KDE4 System Settings -> DefaultApplications and set Dolphin as default file manager :wink:]( don’t have that option!!! :sarcastic:

that’s weird. Which version of KDE4 are you using? I have 4.2 and have that option. Maybe it is part of a package( I doubt that) such as kde4-addons or similar?](

I’m on default KDE 4.1 (suse 11.1). how is 4.2 going for you? Buggy? I didn’t want to install it in case my laptop goes to sh*t. 4.2 is in “unstable” repo - that word makes me nervous :S

I’ve been running kde 4.2 since the very first rc1. It didnt’t crashed a single time so far so it’s very stable for me. The only problem I had is where they broke something in the plasma config a while back so a lot of people had to delete their .kde4 directory or plasmarc files. Another minor problem I currently have is some kind of mouse stuttering I get, which isn’t present in other Dekstop Environments… Overall though, kde 4.2 is much improved and is stable. I’d recommend to upgrade, but it’s your decision :wink:

Do you have problems with windows not opening correctly (incorrect dimensions, very squashed vertically)? This was common when 11.1 came out.

no, I never had such problems with kde 4.2.

How did you perform upgrade?
yast, add kde4-unstable repo, upgrade ‘all’ packages?

It is asking me to delete powerdevil… and it is over 300MB…

Yeah from yast, but I use the Factory repos, not unstable ones. As for powerdevil, you can uninstall it, install 4.2 and install powerdevil back

Index of /repositories/KDE:/KDE4:/Factory:/Desktop

Why factory? Isn’t that more ‘bleeding’ than UNSTABLE?

yeah it is a bit, but I like to test latest version and see if something is broken, then report a bug to kde bugzilla

Just upgraded (& rebooted). Rightclick>compress is back! YAY. My desktop though it blackish(daaaark grey) and font is light gray. I tried to change colours, but it doesn’t change ALL the colours. Also, right click desktop wallpaper doesn’t work (does nothing). I can’t change “theme” (aya, oxygen, slim…).

I’ve never had these problems, but then again, I didn’t do an upgrade from kde 4.1 to 4.2. I installed 4.2 directly. You can try removing the .kde4 directory (or backing it up to .kde4.old) and starting over clean, then setup everything to your liking.

You mean you installed suse with no kde at all, and then just installed kde4.2?

I did delete .kde4 directory. Things improved significantly after that! OMG. But, clicking Kmenu> Computer does not show ‘yast’ or ‘install software’ anymore…you??

And the left border of Kmenu (when opened) is too thick, and interferes with “go back” feature when navigating the ‘applications’ list. I hate to think I’m being to picky, I just it all to just right and comfortably, so i waste less time posting rants on forums =)

No, I had kde 3.5, then when rc1 of kde 4.2 came, I installed that, thus I didn’t do any upgrade from an existing kde 4.1 to 4.2 on my machines.

As for the kde menu, I use the classical one as I dislike Kickoff. You can get the classical when you right-click on the menu icon itself and choose the classical one. So I can offer little help to the menu problems you’re having

In classical menu, YaST is in System

Now I cannot suspend to ram (s2ram)! Updating KDE can really do that?