desktop files

Not sure this is the correct forum, but here goes.

My mini running opensuse 11.3 suffered a crash that resulted in a cold reboot. When I booted back up I was presented with the default desktop, all desktop icons I created are gone as well as files that were on the desktop. I’m curious if files on the desktop still exist somewhere and what the path might be. I’m also curious what causes this to happen, this is the first time this happened with 11.3 but happened a few times with 11.2 after having to cold reboot.


Try the following:

  1. Click on the cashew on the right side of the panel
  2. Click on Add Widgets
  3. Select File System
  4. Click and drag “Folder View” plasmoid on to your desktop

You may have to adjust the configuration of the plasmoid.

Good Luck!


Files I’m looking for were not in a folder view, but on the desktop its self. When files are copied directly to the desktop where do they reside in the file system?


Check out /home/yourname/.kde4/share/apps/plasma-desktop/activities/

One of the Activities files should contain the information.

In the ~/Desktop folder as well

Another area is /home/yourname/Desktop/

It’s not another area. It’s the same area. ~/Desktop = /home/yourname/Desktop :wink: