Desktop Fails after upgrade, only run in safemode

Hi All,

I have been unable to log in to my system from the Desktop after upgrading my system from openSuse 12.1 to 12.3 a few weeks ago. The system hangs before ever reaching the log-in screen after selecting the Desktop option and slowly progressing through the splash screen. I am only able to log in under the safemode account. Because 13.1 was released I have left the problem unsolved until the new release, as I believed that if I upgraded to 13.1 from the downloaded 13.1 dvd then I could basically just reinstall the entire thing. However after downloading the dvd, I am unable to boot from the dvd as my computer indicates that it is not a bootable dvd. I’ve checked the size of the contents of the dvd and it checks out with what I originally downloaded on a mac. Has anyone else had these problems or know of any solutions.

Thank You,