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Im a total linux noob and i was wondering how i would download GNOME 2.22 from the package manager, and if not possible, where i would get it. I already have KDE 4 and i think its great, but why not get the best of both worlds? :slight_smile:

In YaST, select the ‘Pattern’ and then select the ‘Gnome’ desktop, it
will install all the necessary files. Once installed, log out and then
in the ‘Session’ menu item select Gnome and log back in.

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Funny you should say that. The KDE3 vs KDE4 thing had me worried, so I abandoned KDE3 (after being an advocate for several years) in order to try out Gnome.

Gnome is clean and simple, and, oh joy, my favourite KDE applications (yakuake, konqueror, amarok) still work - not just standalone, but as regards the power-user KDE things like dcop.

I fixed the “missing bits” of gnome that KDE3 does so well

  • I use “devilspie” to place windows, position them and size them.

  • I then added some bling with “cairo dock” - unlike that other popular dock, AWN, cairo dock interoperates with yakuake. Docks need a compositing WM, and I was pleased to see that as a metacity option - compiz is a step too far IMO.

  • I discovered “screenlets” - not unlike panel applets, with lots of choice and styles.

I also had dual-monitor issues - Gnome, in contrast to KDE3 or KDE4, manages to handle two monitors of different resolutions much better. GDM is a bit tidier than KDM too.

So, best of both worlds. I think the win for us all is that KDE and Gnome aren’t mutually exclusive, and that they interoperate due to following the standards.

If only the gnomes would let me and Linus bind mouse buttons …