Desktop effects_then blank screen?

I have kde 4 and whenever i enable desktop effects, the total screen goes black and even if i press ctrl+alt+bkspace, then login, i see only the mouse pointer and nothing else. Everythin is blank and black. My laptop has VIA HC 9 chrome display adapter and my hardware vendor says it supports 3d acceleration. what is the problem?

Are you talking kwin desktop effects native to kde4

or compiz?

What the hardware vendor says about 3D support, my not apply to Linux. Did they supply a driver. I’m not familiar with this on-board type myself. Maybe someone else is. I’m sure they will reply if they can. Good luck.

You don’t have the VIA unichrome driver running on your system. I think
you would need to build the driver from source. I don’t think
openchrome supports that device yet either.

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