Desktop effects must be re-enabled each reboot

Hi all,

I have Opensuse 11.0 running with Compiz under the default settings. All my plugins work fine.

Every time I reboot (or kill the X server), I need to go to simple-ccsm and re-enable the desktop effects on login.

How do I stop this?

Cheers :slight_smile:

This was an issue with the first beta’s but should be fixed by now.

Are you running the final version? and which DE (KDE/GNOME) are you using?
Also, have you installed extra items for compiz or left things default?


I am running the release version of 11.0, with some extra plug-ins. I am using KDE.

To be honest, I’m not even sure whether this effect occurred before I installed the extra plug-ins; it might have.

I haven’t done anything to the system but install the compiz-extra, emerald, etc plug-ins. Perhaps it’s worth doing a clean re-install and seeing what happens without any modification?

It’s an old workaround and I will be re-installing using the 11 final next week, so will have more to share then, but try auto loading compiz-manager or the fusion-icon when logging in. That should fire up compiz for your session.


openSUSE 11.0 64 bit, with KDE 4 and Compiz

Right, I had this problem as well, using KDE4 in conjunction with Compiz fusion. When i first boot in i get the disappearing title bar/focus problem.

I found that the workaround for the problem is this:

1: After booting in, even with emerald set as the window decorator, it does not register. I have to open a terminal and type ‘emerald --replace’.

2: I close the terminal window I typed that into and it will go buggy again.

3: I activate the “Compiz Fusion Icon” utility and right click, selecting the KDE4 window decorator, click off, then re select Emerald.

4: usually at this point the last emerald theme i used pops back into existence until i log out or reboot.

I’ve given up at this point and removed all compiz resources, no “Burn” menus for me :frowning:

EDIT: Also tried creating a startup script that contains ‘compiz --replace’ and ‘emerald --replace’ in it, but that just gets rid of all window borders completely.

You could open a bug report over at as you have very specific (and valuable) info!
It will help get this issue cleared :slight_smile:


I have found a work-around, to my issue anyway.

I place a script in ~/.kde4/Autostart with chmod +x, containing
sleep 5
compiz-manager --replace &

This seems to fix it, although obviously it’s not ideal.

This seems to be a problem with the kde3/4 implementation, it works perfectly on gnome

see my experience
( OpenSuSE 11.0 - Upgrade or Clean Install? - Page 5 - openSUSE Forums )

i had the same problem


I have logged this bug here:

Actually, I believe I was having this issue in Gnome late yesterday. The fix for me was, as someone above suggested, autoloading the fusion-icon when logging in. That, in turn, caused another problem, which seems well-documented in the Ubuntu formums (ex.: No Desktop Icons showing on GNOME - Ubuntu Forums), where I get a black desktop with no icons, no left-click functionality. The solution to that issue is simply to run killall nautilus from the terminal … everything pops back to life.