Desktop Effects Fall Apart stopped with 11.4 upgrade

Can anyone point me in the right direction to troubleshoot this?

Frivolous, I know, but you can’t imagine how many winbloz users see this on my laptop and ask how they can get openSuse.

KDE 4.6.0
swrast 7.10

Check under desktop effects whether there are any other close-windows animations enabled
that conflict with and thwart “Fall Apart”.

(And wouldn’t proprietary Nvidia be better?)

None I can find.

It’s the only one I use that isn’t checked by default.

Yes that could be the problem. I’d always used it in the past but was trying to get away from it because it created Sleep and Hibernate issues.

I’ll try it as last resort!

Sleep doesn’t work anyway with the open drivers and that was the main reason I wanted to give the open source drivers a try.

see suspend on a desktop in 11.4
actually the whole thread may/may not help