Desktop Effects are not working; I just switched back to the open source radeon driver

I just switched back to the open source radeon driver, since the kernel update may have messed with fglrx for the proprietary driver. if i boot into nomodeset then i have desktop effects, however when i boot regularly, the desktop effects are off and do not work. can anyone help me? Thanks.

ATI radeon mobile graphics HD4200; opensuse 11.3

There was an update to the kernel that should fix this. Go for the latest kernel release and you shoudl be able to use the Catalyst proprietary graphic driver gain.

A question for you, if you do NOT use the proprietary graphic driver, is it necessary to specify ‘nomodeset’ for the PC to boot openSUSE (with the ATI radeon HD4200 graphics) ? I’m pondering a PC purchase for my mother, and I’ll be maintaining the PC with me 9,000 km away in Europe (my mother in Canada) so I want to be able to reboot the PC after a kernel update with out a problem. Being able to boot to the radeon driver without having to specify a boot code is one way to do it.

I could put ‘nomodeset’ in her /boot/grub/menu.lst file (and then be certain to check that edit survives the rpm update of the file in a kernel update) but there is room for me to make a mistake when I’m 1/2 asleep (and forget to check), and I prefer not to risk my own stupidity. :slight_smile: … If radeon opensource driver boots to HD4200 without nomodeset, then I have no worries, and I can easily update her PC when I’m FAR away :slight_smile:

When I type “man radeon” and “man radeonhd” I don’t see any entry for HD4200 support, yet it appears the radeon open source driver does support that card (assuming you are not using the VESA driver).

If I make a mistake, and her PC can’t boot, then the possibility to recover from such a mistake is difficult.