Desktop/Dashboard acting up

I am running OpenSUSE 11 with KDE 4.0, with no desktop effects though I have installed CompizFusion from the repos. This is on a Dell Inspiron with an ATi X300 card (no proprietary driver installed). I am a bit of a noob. I believe the problem started when I was working on getting dual head support between my native 180x800 and an 18 in at 1280x1024. I wasn’t able to get this working, mostly because whenever I set up the correct resolution on the second screen, it would change my native to the same resolution. Anyways, after I gave up and put back the original values, upon restart, the background of the desktop can be moved with the scroll. Also, the little plasma icon top right is hidden until I shift the desktop down via the scroll. This is fine, but the annoying thing is that my desktop icons have disappeared. They are present if I “show plasma” and are present via dolphin in the desktop folder, but are not visible like they were on the actual desktop.

Sorry for the lengthy post, but I figured the background info might help spot where I went wrong, since I am sure it is something simple. Let me know if you want something specific posted. Thanks for all the help, and I look forward to KDE 4.1 coming out this month which may solve these issues if it is KDE related not Sax2.