Desktop blanking randomly

I just installed openSuse 13.2 and the desktop blanks randomly. It happens a lot in KDE, only once in a while in IceWM. KDE is pretty much unusable because of this. I can deal with IceWM, but it is “bare bones”, and a pain to use. Has anyone experienced this? In KDE I disabled power management in desktop settings, so I would think it’s not running.

Did you disable the screen-locker?

Configure Desktop > Display and Monitor > Screen Locker
Uncheck “Start automatically after…”

Also change Power-Management settings?

Configure Desktop > Power Management > Energy Saving
Uncheck “Screen Energy Saving”

Configure Desktop > Power Management > Activity Settings
Choose “Act like” and “PC running on AC power” in the drop-down

Worked for me … hope for you too.

I disabled power management, and unchecked “Start automatically after” in the screen locker. The problem I’m having is the screen is blanking off and on, at random times, not just blanking and staying off. I don’t have to touch the computer at all, it does it when it feels like it. And repeatedly. I’ve never seen anything like this in all the years I’ve used openSuse. IceWM does it too, but not very often. I’m now downloading the LEAP DVD, will try that if I can’t get this fixed.

In 13.2, you should be able to go to:

Configure desktop → Startup and Shutdown

then select the screen for services (I forget the name). Uncheck the box for power manager. Then power manager won’t even be started, and it should instead use the Xorg defaults (the same as Icewm).

Beware, though, that this might break Activities if you are using those.

I don’t recall having that particular problem, so it probably depends on the graphics device. On my laptop with Intel graphics, I did have the system occasionally freeze when the screen tries to recover from being blanked.

I’ve done that. That’s why I’m baffled by this. This morning openSUSE 13.1 was fine. A while later when 13.2 was installed, this started. And it does blank randomly in IceWM too, just not nearly as often. I’m wondering if there’s a setting some place else - like the kernel, perhaps?

When you say blank does it come back with keyboard activity? Or does it freeze and you have to reboot??

It blanks for a second or so, then comes back on. Even if I’m way across the room, I don’t need to touch the keyboard or mouse. I tried blasting any dust out of the DVI connectors, no difference.

So what video card? This starts to look like a hardware problem

Integrated Radeon HD4250. And there was nothing wrong this morning with openSUSE 13.1 . . . .

Do run the power manager.

Set the screen to full brightness, and to never dim. It is okay to set it to turn off the screen after a timeout. It blanks on recovering from dimming, but turning but not on turning off/on.

I had that with an older computer with radeon graphics. And, yes, I think that started with 13.2.

I just installed Leap 42.1. That fixed the blinking lol!

Now to test it out, and learn what’s different (as always). So far, it’s looking good.