Deploy OpenSuse11.1 with Windows Domain Controller

I am looking for a procedure list, or HowTo - to get OpenSuse to authenticate against a Windows Domain controller. Need the ability to have domain users authenticated when loggin into OpenSuse install, and the capability to manage machine through Active Directory if possible. I remember reading about something or a HowTo in one of the back issues of Linux Pro Magazine, but I can not find the issue.


I’d like to do the same.

I was told that during an openSUSE install, when i create the user account, I can just change the authentication method to LDAP and then put in my AD account credentials.

I have two questions.

Can I log in with my domain credentials when my laptop isn’t connected to the domain? With a Windows box, it caches my password, and lets me login at home with my domain credentials, even though I’m not plugged into the domain.

Secondly, is there an AD client where I can access and manage a Windows AD server from within openSUSE?

I want to replace my current work Windows laptop with an openSUSE one.