Dependency resolution failed

I did a new install of openSUSE 11.0 with Gnome about 2 months ago. Since that time I have been applying the updates as they are available. Except this one:

patch:desktop-data-openSUSE-extra-gnome-84.noarch conflicts with libpulsecore4.i586 < 0.9.10-26.3 provided by

What do I need to do to make this patch work or go away?


I am a kde-3.5.9 user on openSUSE-11.0. It works well.

I don’t have Gnome on my PC (deliberate on my part). I don’t use Gnome. I don’t like Gnome. I don’t even recommend Gnome. But since no Gnome users replied, let me take a stab at this.

First off, such dependency resolutions, with a good repos setup, should be rare. If such a problem occurs, it is possibly due to your having a bad repos setup. I recommend you have ONLY oss, non-oss, update and packman repos. No others. None. If you wish to add others, then do so on a temporary adhoc basis and remove them immediately afterward.

You can check your repos setup by typing:
zypper lr

Next, since you are told of a conflict with you need to see what provides If it were me, I would consider replacing with a version that is compatible with what I am trying to install (in your case: desktop-data-openSUSE-extra-gnome-84.noarch ) . However since this sort of error should not happen, this leads me to think your repos setup is bad.

I think all the story is available here: [softwaremgmt] bug 387052 patch conflict](

Both of these solutions are beyond my pay grade.

I would seem to me that this sort of problem needs to be fixed by those who maintain the update system. This is not something that should be passed on to the naive user to fix. How many hundreds of users who have been faithfully applying the updates to OS 11.0 are out there scratching their heads because this thing won’t go away.


OK openSuse is free but this is an example of why Linux is still predominately a hobby OS and in business Win95 currently has a bigger install base.

Patch conflicts that occur should be fixed but the patch maintainer.

libpulsecorexxx is a system library for Pulse Audio. I saw another post where some suggested removing this component as it was not too stable… Go back to ALSA. I cannot say for sure which is best but if a patch cannot be applied because the audio subsystem is not working as designed then it might be a good idea…

> in business Win95 currently has a bigger install base.

guess that depends on what business huh? like, if it is the web
serving business all of Redmond’s best is just SMALL drop in the bucket…

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