Dependency resolution failed 2

Dependency resolution failed:

nothing provides 'this-is-only-for-build-envs' needed by the to be installed ffmpeg-5-mini-libs-5.1.2-10.1.i586

sorry but I can’t copy and paste anymore the information about this system. Perhaps you could add a “copy” button so that it’s easy to paste the information about my system here, at least about the software.

tried to use discover-updates, and then it started downloading, then asked for my root password, then all these errors. updated about 5 things. and then get this error message when trying to update the rest

kde plasma 5.27.1
kde frameworks 5.103.0
qt version: 5.15.8
kernel : 6.1.12-1-default (64-bit)
graphics platform x11

You want to install ffmpeg-5 instead.

On another note, the packager added an interesting gate keeping artifice! Hopefully people will take the hint!

What happens if you try?

If you want reliable updating on TW, forget about using anything other than zypper to do it.

artifice? What’s that? I don’t take hints well. I like things explicit.

Oh, TW = Tumbleweed.
If zypper is the only reliable way to update, then why isn’t zypper the default way of updating on opensuse? Why do we have Discover there, and Discover - software updates? And even YAST doesn’t work that well for updating either.

@as-muncher most of the time GUI tools work, but the only supported method for Tumbleweed is zypper dup

If the only supported method is zypper, then why isn’t zypper the default installed updating tool? I installed tumbleweed, and it is Discover’s update notifications that show up in the bottom right corner, not zypper’s. If I type “update” in the search box when I press the Windows button, does zypper show up? Do the opensuse developers look at these forums? because I am on here to provide feedback so that changes are made, not so that I can learn how to live in a box.

@as-muncher zypper is a command line tool only…

Factory Mailing List is the place for openSUSE Development, openSUSE is a do-oc-rity, make the changes and submit… likewise you will likely be advised that zypper dup is the supported upgrade method…


ok thanks, have added myself to the opensuse tumbleweed mailing list

I tried booting into older kernels mentioned in the boot list, but I still get this error. So I can’t update my system and going to an older kernel is not working for me. I thought, hopefully, it would be a snapshot of a time when everything was working, but it’s not a snapshot.

I tried installing just a few things at a time, deselecting the rest, but still get this error message. I can’t use Yast, because Yast doesn’t show any needed updates to install. When I then click “Accept”, it close unexpectedly. If I select Unneeded Patches, I see the snappy checkmarked, but also when I click “Accept”, Yast also closes unexpectedly.

I had to google how to use zypper to update the system, and at least zypper asked me if I wanted to uninstall the problem ffmpeg package or what to do, so I’m happy about that. I don’t know why somneone hasn’t made a GUI version of this tool to use and made it standard for open-suse. Truthfully, I like yast, though, and would have preferred that YAST has this functionality and to use Yast instead of a command line tool.

@as-muncher I would suggest logging into a VT, log in as root user, switch to runlevel 3 and then run zypper -vvv dup and see if that cleans things up. Are you running secure boot?

I’d have to google how to do all that you said, that’s how new I am.
zypper is working, though, which is nice.

@as-muncher press ctrl+alt+F1 should give a console session, login as root user, then run init 3 (no graphics running), then run the command zypper -vvv dup and see how that goes, then systemctl reboot.

Are you running secure boot? If so this next update has lock down patches, so some things may not work, eg suspend/hibernate.

I run neither, but suspend does work on my MicroOS (no swap) desktop system. This workstation doesn’t need it or swap…

I actually am not running secure boot. But perhaps I should, eh?
Maybe that’s why my system has been freezing sometimes when I boot, instead of giving any error messages.

@as-muncher up to you, I don’t since I install the nvidia drivers manually.

@malcomlewis, so you figure that the nvidia drivers are causing my system to hang?

@as-muncher can you show details of your system with inxi?

inxi -Fxxz

I’m having this exact error, but for me it’s after the recent update. When i try to update Tumbleweed, this Update Error appears: nothing provides ‘this-is-only-for-build-envs’ needed by the to be installed ffmpeg-5-mini-libs-5.1.2-10.1.i586.
And I’m using Amd.

Did you managed to fix it?

Assuming you are using a 64 bit machine, simply uninstall ffmpeg-5-mini-libs-5.1.2-10.1.i586 as it is for the wrong architecture and also the wrong package as outlined by awerlang…


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